Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Legacy Competition Results!

Great Job Dancers!
Proud Mary - Platinum, 3rd Overall Petite Advanced Duo/Trio
Zoot Suit Riot - Elite Gold, 8th Overall Teen Intermediate Solo
Be Nice to Your Dolly - Platinum, 1st Overall Junior Advanced Large Group
An Urban Pas - Elite Gold, 10th Overall Advanced Senior Duo/Trio
Smile - Elite Gold, 7th Overall Advanced Junior Solo
Full of Grace - Elite Gold
Turbulance - Platinum, 8th Overall Advanced Senior Large Group
Power of Will - Platinum, 7th Overall Advanced Senior Large Group
Swanhilda Variation - Platinum, 5th Overall Advanced Teen Solo
Coppelia - Elite Gold
Bitter Song - Elite Gold
Feeling Good - Elite Gold
Passion - Elite Gold
Let Love Live - Elite Gold, 1st Overall Advanced Petite Small Group
Block Party - Platinum, 1st Overall Advanced Petite Large Group
Breakable - Elite Gold, 4th Overall Advanced Teen Duo/Trio
Work - Gold, 7th Overall Advanced Teen Duo/Trio
Pas De Sea - Platinum, 4th Overall Advanced Teen Small Group
Virus - Platinum, 1st Overall Advance Teen Large Group
Pipes - Elite Gold, 6th Overall Teen Large Group
Fairies - Elite Gold
Big Fat Bass - Platinum, 3rd Overall Advanced Junior Duo/Trio
Welcome to Walt Disney - Elite Gold, 4th Overall Advanced Production
Once Upon A Time - Platinum, 3rd Overall Advanced Production
Warped Portal - Platinum, 1st Overall Advanced Senior Production
Falling - Platinum, 1st Overall Advanced Senior Solo
Turning Tables - Elite Gold

Special Awards:
Swanhilda Variation - Judge's "Prima Ballerina" Award, 1st Runner-up Miss Legacy, Summer Scholarship Broadway Dance Center, Legacy Dance Team
Bitter Song - Judge's "Commitment" Award
Power of Will Judges - "Trickster" Award
Falling - Judges "Effortless Movement" Award, Highest Scholarship "Summer in L.A."