Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We are so proud of Chris Garvey and her dancers for winning not one but two Entertainment Awards at Onstage New York this past weekend! Each is a $200 gift certificate toward nationals or next year's regional coompetition. If that weren't enough, the team won the Class Act Award for choreographing age appropriate, 'classy', and artistic dance. This also comes with a $200 gift certificate. Finally, we got the Backstage Award for Good Sportsmanship.

Here are the results for individual pieces:

Ela - Gold & Stage Presence

Jus-Tee - High Gold & Outstanding Energy

Imma Shine - Gold

Agnes Dei - High Gold

Hometown Glory - Gold & Stage Presence

Outside Looking In - Gold

Suri - Gold & Outstanding Costume

Imagine If... - Gold

Fairytale - Gold

Happy - Gold & Contagious Smile

Almost There - Gold & Stage Presence

In My Arms - Gold

The Book of Love - Gold

Come Back When You Can - Gold

The Dance - Gold

The Storm - High Gold

It's Just Me - High Gold

Curbside Prophet - Gold

Girls Gone Wild - High Gold, 2nd Overall Senior Duo/Trio

Bailamos - Gold & Exceptional Energy

Scatman - Gold & Stage Presence

814 Nightmare - Platinum, 1st Overall Teen Hip Hop, 2nd Teen Production, 3rd Overall Teen Division, Entertainment Award*

Pro Kicks - High Gold, 1st Senior Hip Hop, Entertainment Award*

Spicy Salsa - Gold

Can't wait to see your picture in next year's Onstage Program..ever think about going to nationals?