Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dancers Shine at the Fair

Dancers did a knock out job dancing "814 Nightmare" for the Miss Crawford County Fair Pageant. It was awesome to see the tribe together one last time before Carrie and Sam head off to college.

If that weren't enough, dancers performed to Aaron Copeland's "Rodeo" the very next day. The performance can be seen on Channel 23. Word on the street is that you did a knock out job! We'd like to thank "Emil and the Palookas" for the fabulous live music. It was exciting to be part of the first ever local band performance at the fair.


Congratulations to Taylor Morian for being chosen to recieve a scholarship to next summer's Pulse convention. We are proud of both Taylor and Justice Gray for participating in the convention in NYC!

Congrats to Zoey Keeley for not only being placed in the highest level for your age group, but for also being awarded a dance solo in the American Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive! Not to mention the outstanding evaluation of your work!